Social sharing button is a great widget for blogger. Every person wants this widget to be shown in every blogpost. Here i gives you the demonstration to how to add a social sharing widget to your blog.

Clich here For DEMO

Steps to how to add social sharing widget to your blogger.

1- Sign into your blogger account.

2- Go to Template.

3-  Select Edit HTML

4-  Now press {Ctrl+F}  and search for </head>

5- Paste the following code at the place shown in red in bracket {               </head> }.

<script type="text/javascript">var switchTo5x=false;</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">stLight.options({publisher: "9ba5cdf6-dd56-44f0-bc81-56cfef2b80d8"}); </script>

6- Now check  the Expand widget template as shown below

7- Now search for  <data:post.body/>
Here you will find 3 search. Don't get worried search for second serach.

8- Now paste the following code at the place shown in red in bracket {          <data:post.body/> }

<span class='st_fblike_hcount' displayText='Facebook Like'/>
<span class='st_facebook_hcount' displayText='Facebook'></span>
 <span class='st_plusone_hcount' displayText='Google +1'></span>
<span class='st_twitter_hcount' displayText='Tweet'></span>
<span class='st_sharethis_hcount' displayText='ShareThis'></span>

9- Now save the template and you are done with it.

Enjoy and feel free to comment.
If you want more widgets then ask for it in commrnt soon your widget will be sent to you


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  1. Hey, can we add third party sharing like from LoginRadius or AddThis?

  2. its possible but have to change html code

  3. thanks for share.


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