The special edition of Dell Inspiron 17R laptop us a note able edition in specification and its types.

Dell inspiron is very light in weight which is about 3.2kg , its not only lightweight but it is a great portable laptop.

Dell inspiron special edition 17R have a ridiculous specification. Its 17.3 screen makes it a absolute substitute for a desktop computers.

Dell inspiron 17R consists of a Blu-ray player in the two top-end models and all versions have the facility to burn and Play DVDs.

Dell Inspiron 17R come with a competent graphics card with a ample 2GB of memory.

Dell consists of 3 Skull candy speakers which consists of a sub woofer to boost up the bass. 

There are four USB 3.0 ports and a standard internet connection to come up with the Wireless 802.11  capability. 

In Dell Inspiron HDMI and VGA output allows you to show your content on another screen and a digital memory card reader with all kind of formats. 

There’s a web cam built in which is a great need and you get the usual audio in and out jacks too. 

The 17R is available with an Intel Core i5 or i7 configuration processors up to 3.4GHz and with 8GB of RAM and a vast 1TB hard disk. 

There are two drive inlets in the Dell so that can connect another hard disk to vast the storage capability up or use it for an SSD to get boost performance.

The Scrabble-tile keyboard is well spaced and amazing to type on and there’s a back lit option  who like their keys to light up.

When you’re watching movies, you can get completely mesmerised in the action and don’t have to sit squinch because of that 17.3in display. Viewing angles are good and no matter what task you’re performing the distinctness of the screen is inspiring.

The Dell Inspiron 17R is available from just £699 this represents great value for money when you consider the power and features of this laptop. 

Dell has everything you could need from a desktop PC. Powerful enough to zip through even processor-comprehensive tasks and with volume of graphics snort to play the latest games.

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