Teenage girls becomes more conscious about her looks and styles. They start looking after their dressing, skin and hair. They become more aware of their outfits, looking for all new designs of dresses, hair and makeup.

At teenage girls should keep their style simple and casual. Heavy outfits, large pieces of jewelry and too much makeup make you look older than your age. There are a some rules that you should follow to look fresh and stylish.

Always brush your teeth after every meal. This will clean up the cavities and any will dig out any leftover particles in your mouth.

Always use a mild facial wash to wash your face. Avoid using soap as it dries the skin. Use a mild cleanser at night to cleanse your skin deeply. And don’t forget to apply a little moisturizer after cleansing.

Take care of your hair properly. Have a nice haircut and try out different hair styles. Apply oil to your hair fortnightly to keep them healthy and shiny. Avoid using too much styling appliances since they dry out the hair and affect their texture and health.

Do wax your arms, armpits and your legs as often as you require. Shaving is another option but it might increase the growth of your hair as well. Waxing makes the hair take a little longer to grow back.

The skin of your body is as important as your hands and face. Use a mild shower gel with a sponge during a shower and apply a lotion all over your body afterwards.

When it comes to the dress, always try to choose the one that suits you according to height and shape. Select the color and style that compliments your personality. Don’t just follow the fashion blindly rather try to keep a balance between your personality and fashion.

Add accessories according to the occasion. Wear the accessories that go with your outfit but do not suppress it. Apply as little makeup as possible, or it will make you look older.
Try out different dresses and hair styles. This will make you more aware of what suits you better and goes with your style.

Always keep a smile on your face. It will always make a good impression of you in front of others and will make you feel good as well.

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