It is easy to maintain straight hairs and can be styled in a number of ways. But straight hairs also need a care.

Brush your hair gently. When brushing your hair, you're more likely to take your time. That's because a comb won't slide through tangles, like with a brush. You have to gently work out the tangle, which is better for your hair. Always start combing from the bottom of your hair and work your way up as you undo any snarls.

Rinse your hairs thoroughly with hot water.

Pour shampoo into the palm of your left hand and then rub both palms together to distribute it evenly.

Apply the shampoo to the top of head and use fingertips to massage it on to your scalp.
Give special attention to the crown and sides of the head. Wash your hair atleast for 2min.
Depending on your hair's thickness and length, you may need to repeat the previous three steps.

It is essential to condition all types of hair to keep it shiny and flexible. Conditioning increases the elasticity of hair and gives it a healthy look.

After shampooing the hairs gently squeeze out the excess water. 

Comb your hair gently from the roots to the ends using wide toothed comb. Remove tangles completely.

Apply a little hair conditioner on your palm and rub it through the hair with your fingers. 
Remember to not rub the conditioner on the scalp as this can result in dandruff.

Leave it on the hair for 5 minutes.

Now gently massage the hair to loosen the conditioner.

Rinse the hair with water to remove the conditioner.

Now dry your hair.     

For straight hair choose a comb that is firm and not easily bent. The teeth should be evenly spaced.

For straight Long hair use a wide-toothed comb.

Begin from the ends, freeing tangles to the crown. Comb gently.

By using these simple tips you can take care for your hairs.

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