The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings.

The triangle, have the total area varying from 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles.
Compass problems are one of the cited phrases in many Triangle incidents. While some have theorized that unusual local magnetic anomalies may exist in the area.

The Gulf Stream is a deep ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and then flows through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic. In essence, it is a river within an ocean, and, like a river, it can and does carry floating objects. It has a surface velocity of up to about 2.5 metres per second (5.6 mi/h). A small plane making a water landing or a boat having engine trouble can be carried away from its reported position by the current.

An explanation for some of the disappearances has focused on the presence of large fields of methane hydrates (a form of natural gas) on the continental shelves.

In various oceans around the world, rogue waves have caused ships to sink and oil platforms to topple. These waves, until 1995, were considered to be a mystery.

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  1. Under the infamous Bermuda triangle is nothing but flat ocean bottom at some 12,000 feet. No methane gas to upset ships, no fumaroles to spew out magma to affect compasses, and certainly no crystal pyramids. As well, many of the reported triangle mysteries did not take place within the mythical boundaries; eg: the Mary Celeste sailed from NY to Portugal and never went near Bermuda then was found off the coast of Portugal.

    On Google, type Bermuda. Click on the map, change to satellite, and pull back to see the ocean south of Bermuda toward the Bahamas. If you look east some 1000 miles, you'll find the mid-Atlantic ridge which can emit methane gas, and magma, yet neither of which have any effect if over a couple of thousand feet deep. Here, it is well over two miles down.

    The concept of the Bermuda triangle was created in 1950 with an article by Associated Press reporter Edward Van Winkle Jones. He had a map showing an airplane flying from Bermuda toward Puerto Rico, another plane flying from Puerto Rico to Miami, and finally, Flight 19 flying from Fort Lauderdale out in the direction of Bermuda.

    It looks a triangle drawn over the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, ships and planes go missing off the eastern coastline of the United States, as planes have for a century, and ships literally for hundreds of years. Yet both the US Coast Guard and Lloyds of London do state that no more ships or planes go missing here than off the Pacific coastline.

    Much of the story however, begins with Flight 19, aka the Lost Patrol when supposedly they disappeared suddenly into the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19 disappeared in December of 1945 but it wasn’t into the Bermuda triangle and it wasn't sudden — it took five hours for each of the TMB avengers to drop out of the sky. The irony of Flight 19 is that none of the men died within the infamous Bermuda triangle.

    Three crash sites have been located and one aircraft has been raised from the sea.

    Taken from, Discovery of Flight 19
    Douglas Westfall, historic publisher of American History

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