Here I will tell you about SEO tips and tricks on which mostly SEO experts agrees. 

It’s better to get a backlink using anchor text rather than without anchor text.
Here is the way how to get a anchor text link.

<a href=””>anchor text</a>

It is not good to write more words in anchor text as it does look odd to search engines.

Anchor text links are great, but it is important to get backlinks using your website url which relates best through keywords, and random text so it looks natural to search engines.

Don’t build backlinks too fast or it will appear “unnatural” to Google.

Backlinks from sites with high PageRank are better than backlinks from sites with low PageRank.

Backlinks from relevant websites are better than backlinks from  unrelated websites.

Do Follow links to your site are better than No Follow links.

No Follow links can help you rank better.

Backlinks from unique domains are better than multiple links from the same domain.

Backlinks located within the main content, as opposed to a sidebar, or footer, carry more weight.

Backlinks located at the beginning or top of the post are better than backlinks at the bottom or  at the end of an article.

Backlinks are also good for driving traffic from people that visit your website directly through the link.

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