“No Follow” and “Do Follow” link are very much important links. No follow and Do follow links are for search engine robots. Do follow links are the default settings but can make it no follow using HTML tags.

Its very easy to create no follow link, we can make it through making nofollow HTML tag. A nofollow tag can be made through the following code.

<a rel="nofollow" href="">GuidePedia</a>

When a no follow link is created by any site Google makes no PageRank and no page rank is transferred to the link and and also no anchor text is provided to the link.

Well no follow links are helpful for ranking purpose only but if there is a choice for you to get follow link so that is better.

A no follow link indicates trust. Some use no follow links to shape the PageRank on their site.


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  1. that's means better use no follow link?

    1. both are necessary with 3:1 ratio 3 = follow 1 = nofollow


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