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Getting started

A) Installation

Access your Template menu, click Edit HTML

In Editor HTML window, click check Expand Widget Templates. Then copy and paste all Grid Spot template code into code field. At last, click Save template.

If a warning display, click Delete widgets and enjoy :)

B) Active Feed-burner

To allow visitor subscribe your blog, please enable Feed-burner service by click Edit link on Subscribe gadget

In Configure Follow By Email window, click Save button ( ^_^, oh God, too simple)

C) Work with Slider

It's very easy to work with slider, you do not need to know any coding skill. Please follow below steps:

Access your blog layout and click Add a Gadget link on Slider section

In Add a Gadget window, click Plus button on Image gadget

In Configure Image window, input titlecaptionlink for image and then upload an image from your computer (or use a web image). After finish click Save button. Recommend size of image is 600px x 230px.

Do the same steps to upload other images to Slider (maximum 10 images).

Customize auto text logo

Auto logo can work well without your setting, but if you want to customize it, please follow below steps:

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Auto logo command gadget.

In Configure Text window, input your customize commands into Content field then click Save button
Commands separate by commas (,) and list of command is:

  • domain: if you input this, the auto text logo will take domain name to show as logo
  • drop=x: if you input this with x = a number mean you want to drop caps on character x.

To return default, just input "default" into Content field of Auto logo command gadget

To easy understand, example, your blog title is "Grid Spot", your domain is "", you will get results as below pictures

"Defaut" command, using blog title and drop at 1

When input command "drop=5"

When input command "drop=4,domain"

Upload logo Image

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Header widget

In Configure Header window, upload your image logo from your computer or an image from web then click Save button

E) Advance Editor

It's very simple to change advance settings of this template. Access to Template tab, click Customize button

In Blogger Template Designer window, click Advanced tab, then click an element name that you want to customize and choose all settings you like.

When finish, click Apply to Blog

F) Enable Mobile Template

Access your Template menu and click on Gear button of Mobile template.

In Choose mobile template window, check "No. Show desktop template on mobile devices" option then click Save button.

G) Enable Search Preference

To improve your blog SEO, please enable Blogger Search Preferences

Access your Settings menu, choose Search preferences tab and click Edit link on Meta tags section.

Next, check Yes option, then type your Blog Description into the text field and click Save changes.

H) Source and Credits

We using two images for the template:

Next / Previous button for Slider

Icons for post meta

I) Warning

Because some errors from Blogger system, so please never click Save Arrangement button on Pages layout

J) Tips

Because Blogger will optimize your Blog speed so in some cases your home page will show only two or three posts regardless your setting. Tips for you is adding manual read-more for each post, it's also good for your feed format.

If you still feel any problem do not hesitate to contact us.


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