We live in a world where people spoke different languages. There are about 5000 to 6000 languages spoken all over the world, so this is helpful for the people not understanding English language so they can translate their country language. 

Firstly open site Google Translate management page, and click "Add to your website now".

Now add your website url on which you want to add the Google Translate. Add your website url i.e. From the drop down menu, select the language in wihch you publish your post.

Now customize your Google Translate button. There are a few designs options like vertical, horizontal or drop-down only display mode, you can specify a language or you can choose all languages to translate. Once you are done with customization and setting press “Get Code” button at the bottom.

You will get two codes the first code verifies your customized translate button, and the second one helps you to display the translate button anywhere in your site.

Copy the first code

  1. Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML >>
  2. Search for </head>
  3. Just above it paste the code which you copied.
  4. Save the template.

Now copy second code and paste it anywhere you want it to display on your site.

  1. Go to Blogger >>Layout >> Add a Gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript >>
  2. Paste the code in the HTML  area
  3. Save the widget.

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