All Androids tend to give the most excellent speed and functioning when they are fresh and new. With the passage of time, they reduce their speed slowly but surely. When newly bought, you most likely loved your Android but gradually the delay in the course of tapping your screen and the response given by your phone has turn out to be intolerable. The reason behind this is the non-maintenance and excess of applications installed. Not only can Android phones be blamed for this cause, the user should be responsible enough to take care of his phone and clean it occasionally to maintain its functioning and pace. In this article we shall try our best to give you some tips that would prove helpful to you.

1) Remove App Caches:

From the instant you started using you Android phone, the apps used in it are all stored into the app cache which consumes your phone’s resources and this makes your phone work slow. The only way to sort out this problem is to go to each app’s page in the settings and clear cache memory. But with several apps installed on you Android, this might be a tedious task to perform and will take a lot of time. App cache cleaner is an app that would make work easier for you. It would speed up the process and make the cleaning of your Android phone simple. 

2) Uninstall the Apps Not Required:

You should uninstall the apps that are not being used. There are some apps that only eat up your phone’s resources and are generally of no use but are still running in the background. Some apps that need to be removed are the ones that come up as built-in apps in your phone and are not utilized by you quite much. Getting rid of these Android apps is very easy; you just have to root your device. Is you don’t find this way convenient you can simply go to the properties of the app and disable it from there so that it no more runs on the background of your Android.

3) Get Rid of Unnecessary Widgets:

The widgets on the home screen of your Android may appear to be aesthetically pleasant. They are one of the reasons for your phone to be responding slowly. So, except the necessary stuff that you use or view regularly, nothing should be placed on the home screen of your Android.

4) Ad-ware Removal:

Android is a very popular and in trend gadget in the Smart Phone industry. Androids are exposed to a lot of safety threats. Eye-catching free of cost apps might have installed adwares or malwares in your Android phone. These viruses would consume your system’s resources and demonstrate frustrating advertisements when you would be using any application. For the security of your phone you should install Antivirus apps in your phone. 

5) Immobilize Background Data:

Your social networking applications like Gmail, email, twitter or Facebook require the internet connectivity on daily basis. This requirement is not only responsible for eating up your battery but also utilizes your system resources and slows down your Android device. You can check these services manually. For instance, if notifications for Facebook or your email are not needed each and every time of the day you can turn them off and should avoid from connecting to the background.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips.


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