Now a day’s mostly people are posting the method about how to find who have visited your Facebook or fb profile so keep this in mind all methods are fake but they are just simple spam method. In this spam method you look eager to know who have visited your fb profile or Facebook profile but when you click you just simple find nothing but only you took part in spamming their links.

So Now I will show you the genuine method to find who has recently visited your fb or facebook profile?

Firstly open your facebook profile page.

You fill find the page like this

Now press both buttons in keyboard at the same time.

After pressing both keys this type of page will open for you.

Now search for


Now you will find this type of many numbers 100000254021452 as in below image.

These are the entire people who have recently visited your site. Now leaving the first five check out all the persons who have visited your Facebook or fb profile.

Now how to check through this numbers who the persons really are?

Now open 

And now copy any number (100000254021452) and paste after in the following manner. Now hit enter his profile will open who has just recently viewed you facebook or fb profile.

If you are looking for to whom you have send facebook friend request and it has not been accepted and you don’t remember to whom you have send facebook friend request so don’t forget to read my next article. I have a created a completed tutorial on how to find to whom you have send facebook friend request.


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  2. No Boss , This is Wrong, Those Ids are Chat Blocked Users IDs , Cross check one , you will come to know... :)


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