Few moths ago I released two versions on about Revealing SEO Trick To Get PR 9 And PR 8 Links. So now April version is released on how to get PR 6, PR 7, PR 8, PR 9, .EDU and .GOV Links. So here I am providing you with the SEO Guide version of April. Get this documentation and get high impact on Google search.

So download our documentation of SEO Guide April version. In this documentation you will find more than 30 high PR links including .edu links and .gov.

Documentation will provide you step by step method image guide on SEO link building.

Here are some preview of the documentations.

"Download Previous Edition"

Revealing SEO Trick Get PR 6 PR 7 PR 8 PR 9 GOV And EDU Link March Edition

Revealing SEO Trick Get PR 6 PR 7 PR 8 PR 9 GOV And EDU Link February Edition

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  1. upload this

  2. Can you please advice me why the Facebook & Twitter pages are having above of my site link when I search on Google? I tried many way but still the same. Really much appreciated if you feel free to advice me. Thanks

  3. yes twitter and facebook are on the top. use correct SEO strategy and your site will be on top. use 81onlinestore anchor text with a link to your site and comment on the above high pr sites your link will be on top and must look out our other high pr links for success.

    1. Meaning, I have to leave my "81onlinestore" website link on other website as comment or drop my link? So sorry make you confuse. I really don't understand well. Thanks for your explanation.

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    1. our you can use our service for it $100 per month

  5. awesome thanks for sharing.
    Now i will increase my back-links easily.


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