Cameras of smart phones are not of great quality as compared to DSLR instead to get better result of pictures from your smart phone cameras is to avoid few things and must follow the below tips. 

Smartphones are easy to carry as compared to DSLR so one should not carry DSLR with him every time. Sometimes there are certain moments you want to grab, you don't hold DSLR with you, so here comes the time to grab pictures with your cell phone. Maybe the shots you take might be some times dull and photos don't look good. However you can take most camera phone shots looks great.

Basic Rules Of Photography With Your Cell Phones 

Whenever you are taking shot with your cell phones follow some basic rules of photography. These methods are widely used.

Take Snapshots Where Light Is Good

Whenever you are taking photos of yourself you should keep on mind that you are facing some good light source. Biggest problem of cell phones cameras as compared to DSLR is that it does not take good shots in low lights so you will need as much light as possible to take good shots. 

Make sure Your Smartphone Lens is Clean

Before taking your snapshot make sure you clear your lens. Your fingers on camera lens makes your lens dirty which also creates hurdle in grabbing good photo.

Make Use of Flash

Most of the smart phones comes up with LED flashes. So make large use of LED flashes to make your picture result more better.  If there is not enough light to take a snap shot flash can be a useful element in this case.

Avoid Zoom Feature

Instead of using zoom feature for snapshot , step closer to take a snapshot. Digital zoom can make your picture pixels bad.

Use Some Features in Camera Settings

Find a feature where it suggest for picture quality, select the best quality result. Use high resolution as much as it is available.

Turn On Night Mode

Using the feature of night mode you can make your pictures more bright, so turn it on.


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