Mostly people do not know the future of Facebook that it provides the user to manually find the pending friend requests on Facebook and cancel it.

So here in tutorial i will tell you about how to view sent friend requests on Facebook and remove it. This tutorial is based on step by step demonstration through picture on how to to remove a friend request on Facebook.  So follow the steps to remove pending request on Facebook.

First and the most simple step Login to Your Facebook account.

Click your Facebook account and then find settings and click it. Picture demonstration is below.

Now step 2 is when you will click settings on Facebook Account. A new window will appear now find a option "Download A Copy" and click it.

Now another window will appear  and click on "Start My Archive".

Now click start my archive and click okay. In a short while you will receive your Facebook data into your mailing address. This may take up to few minutes. You will receive a link with your download your archive option. Enter your password and Download it!

Extract the rar file you just downloaded through Facebook and open index.htm file. Now find Friends and click it.

Now scroll down and you will the title Sent Friend Request. Below the names are the list of people to whom you have friend request which are not been accepted. So cancel it before you are being blocked by Facebook for it.

Now find one by one them on Facebook and scroll through their profile and cancel friend request.

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