3 Quick Ways to Find Relevant Places for Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting: 

As a blogger, you should already know about one of the easiest ways of building links for your blog or website. You all should already know about the importance of blog commenting. Most of the bloggers are doing the blog commenting in order to get more and more back-links for their blog or website. And I hope you will be one of them.

Blog Comments from relevant blogs:

But I hate getting links from irrelevant places, I hate to comment for back-links in places not related to your topic or niche. Of course, do blog commenting and get links for your blog but only from that site which is relevant because it will be beneficial for you. It will be easy to get backlinks because admin will accept your comment in case if you leave comment at a relevant field, if not then you know what :). 

Blog Commenting for Backlinks: 

One thing is need to be in your mind that when we say “blog commenting”, we don’t mean that do comment to get back-link. Blog comment has also some other benefits such that,
1) Blog Commenting will increase your presence in blogosphere.
2) It can be done in order to meet likeminded people from worldwide.
3) Appreciation: If you liked an article and the article helped you, also do comment to appreciate their job.
4) You may also comment on other blogs to get comments on your own blog (you can simply tell your friends that I commented on your blog so he/she will also drop a comment on your blog post) etc.
So here you may have a question that how we can find blogs that are relevant to us? If that is the question then don’t worry , we’re here with some free online tools that will find the blogs having the topic you want and the commenting system you’re interested in. for instance, suppose you want to find a post but also you want this blog to be a commentluv premium enabled, because you want to leave a comment to get backlinks. Same is the case if you are looking for intense debate enabled, disqus etc.

3 Ways To Find Relevant Blogs For Blog Commenting:

So we decided to write a post and alarm you about these tools to let you find relevant blogs for blog commenting. So let have a look

Dropmylink []: 

Dropmylink is a powerful and great online tool that let you find blogs for you where you can comment. Using this tool, you will be able to find blogs having a post with title you are interested and the feature enabled you want. For example, let you want to find some blogs having a post with “Free Online Phone Calls” and also it need to be a commentluv enabled then what you have to do is to, type keywords in the text-box provided and then select the fifth option from the “Find” dropdown menu.
Dropmylink enables you to find blogs and websites having the features i.e
Anchor text in comment
Angela’s backlinks
Commentluv premium
Do-follow enabled in comment
Intense Debate enabled blogs etc

PutMyLink []: 

putmylink is similar to the Dropmylink, it works just as Dropmylink does i.e using this tool you will be able to find blogs having the title and the feature enabled in which you are interested.

Using Special Google Search Queries: Here what if you are looking to find a blog which need to be a disqus enabled? The above tools don’t allow you to find a disqus enabled blog, so what to do in this case. You can search manually on google to find some disqus enabled blogs. Here you have to search for “Your keywords” and ‘powered by disqus’. For instance, you want to find a blog having post pdf to xls converters, and then you will type as pdf to excel converters ‘powered by disqus’. After results appears, you will see disqus enabled blogs having the post you searched for.

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