Google Ad wordsCertification Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read the following Tips

With Google putting checks on search engine optimization techniques via updating algorithms, the demand for PPC (pay per click) services have increased to a great extent. Website owners who feel it hard to comply by the SEP rules tend to gather traffic via pay per clicks. Because of such significance, those who have expertise in making use of AdWords can get certified with Google AdWords certification program. There are 2 exams which are required to pass to earn the certified expert of AdWords pay per click advertising. Many people think that earning Google AdWords certification is a daunting task but if proper planning is done, then anyone can earn the certification with ease. 

Tips for passing Google AdWords Certification Exams:

1. Get to know about the exam topics

The Google AdWords certification includes all areas of AdWords and might include topics you have not heard before. One exam tests a person’s knowledge about the basics of advertising over Google Adwords and includes questions based on the display and search networks. The 2nd exam offers the option to select any network from display or search. One should select the network that is more familiar. The format of the exam is based on MCQs and the candidate would have to select the best answer from the four options given. So you should prepare according to the format and topics covered in each exam. 

2. Spare enough time for preparation

One does not need to go through all study materials. There are many learning resources offered by Google to get insight into the AdWords. But those who have experience working with Adwords then pay attention to things you have not heard before. One should not start from the beginning as it would waste a lot of time. Manage your time and focus on new things and topics. Do not rush. Take time and prepare with your own pace. 

3. Go through formulas and revise the keyword match types

The formulas and keyword match types are quite easy and do not take much time. Learn them and memorize as they can make you earn great score. 

4. Do not spend more time on one question

There will be given two hours to complete the exam and there would be no break. Manage your time and do not spend much time on one question. If you are unsure, leave it and come back to it after completing rest of the exam.

5. Beware of dodgy questions

There will be many questions for which more than one answer would be seen as correct. Pay attention to the wording and select the option that appears to be the best possible response in the given context. 

Google Ad wordsCertification Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read the following Tips

Besides these, do not fret if you did not get good scores. The exam can be taken for free and you can retake the exam after seven days to improve your score. Schedule both advanced and fundamental exam back to back so that you would not need to revise thoroughly for the other. 


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