Keywords have big role for a successful position of the website on search engine. Through keywords search strings are matched with your provided keywords. Choosing the right keywords to optimize is thus the important step to a successful SEOIf you fail on this step, most likely you will only waste your time and money. 

There are many ways to determine best keywords to optimize and the final list of best keywords is made after a analysis of what the people are searching for.

Now, the Web is so densely populated with sites, it is impossible to achieve constant top ratings for a one-word search. Achieving constant top ratings for a word search strings is a big goal.

One of the most important thing to choose a keywords is dont choose a common word. Always choose a unique name for it. If you have a blog on cats, cows etc do not choose simple like "cats" or "cat" choose a different like "cats breeds", "Keep cat clean", "cat foods" etc. 

Another way of SEO of keywords is to just search a site which is about cats then one by one posting a comment on every site with a title of which best escribes your blog.  

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