Skin care is important in summer, but to protect your hair from the rays of sun. The sun rays cause damage to hair which can only be overcome by proper hair care. Follow our easy steps for hair care, you can  save your hair from the sun rays and can enjoy healthy and shiny hair. The damages that can be caused by sun rays include hair color fading, cuticle damaging, and brittle and dry hair. 

To prtect hairs from moisture from your tresses, you should get your hair end trimmed every 4-6 weeks during the hot months when you ends are fizzy.

In summer reduce you should not use hair colours, hair colours can cause extensive damage to your hair care. Instead of using hair colors, use natural as possible. 

If you want to color your hair in summer apply natural color and conditioner of Henna (Mehndi). 
Usually women use blow dryers, hair irons, rollers to get themselves stylized. Do not use heat stylers in the hot weather.

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