Woman’s beauty and her health are same issues. Due to media infuence women only concentrate on how to look extra smart. This approach is completely wrong.

Concentrating on beauty and forgetting your health is the worst thing. Don’t adopt just beauty but beauty with health. Only beauty includes a smart body but healthy beauty includes the glowing skin with much smarter body.

For getting healthy beauty you need to change your eating habits. Your eating habits should avoid the 2 extremes means the over eating and not eating at all. Follow these healthy diet by nutritionists. 

Avoid the fried food-fried food. They not only indulge you in constant habit of consuming them more but fried food can let you to skin disorders. 

Take baked food instead of fried food.

Use the Sugar Alternatives. Avoid sugar as much as possible. Use sugar alternatives like the sugar with less effect and having minimal calories which are sugar tablets. 

They taste like sugar but don’t have much effect. You can use fruits and chocolates too as your sugar alternatives. 

Have ice creams and your favorite deserts but they should be once in a month. 

If you want to look fresh, beautiful and energetic then never miss your breakfast. Have breakfast consisting of juices, little fat, carbohydrates and milk. Brown bread is recommended. 

Water is the essential part of your healthy beauty.  Its keeps your body and skin hydrated. Water is also good for taking out all the harmful entities from your body. Water is natural medicine for curing most common body disorders.

Once you are on track with this healthy diet you will be able to have glowing skin with no brown or black spots on them. Your skin will be fairer and it will have glow of health.

Healthy diet you will make your hair shiny. 

The consumption of calcium in regular breakfast will give you strong teeth. The strong shinny nails are too in your healthy beauty.

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